Pua Tuberose

Saturday, July 4th, 2015

I’ve enjoyed listening to Sonny Chillingworth ever since I connected with slack key and Hawaiian music. His “Spanish bass” style was instantly appealing, as was his soothing baritone voice. I’ve had a soft spot for Pua Tuberose ever since hearing his recording on the Sonny Solo CD. And of course the song moved up a few notches when I discovered that Ledward often includes Pua Tuberose in his slow song medleys.

The song is an old one, from the 1920s according to huapala.org and tells about the remembrance of a lost love who was somehow associated with the fragrant flower. The simple story of the lyric triggers a chain of surmises and suppositions, the hidden meaning expresses itself based on our own experience with lost love.

There’s a techie side to this video as well. I recently got a new recording gadget, an iRig Pro audio interface for my iPhone. So I used the iRig, a nice Shure mic, and my iPhone 6+ to record “Pua Tuberose” as a slack key instrumental. And just to make it interesting I shot the song twice, changing camera angles. I’ve also done a blog post and video at my Homebrewed Music blog going over a couple of tricks for the iPhone as a music camera.

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