A Slack Key Duet on Ka `Elepulu Stream

Friday, July 31st, 2015

We’re enjoying a relaxing visit to Kailua, O`ahu, hanging out on Kaelepulu Stream in the Enchanted Lake district. The breeze is cool, the fish are splashing in the stream, and the outrigger canoes go dashing back and forth on their training runs.

I ran into a bit of technical difficulty with the mic module for my recorder, so when I invited Led Kaapana over for a little jam and video session I had to plug our guitars in direct, but I hope you’ll enjoy the music anyway.

I’ve been spending some time learning E Ku`u Sweet Lei Poina `Ole by Emma DeFries, it’s a classic that Ledward often includes in his shows. I was really happy when Led started playing the tune during our video session and even happier when I got to hear and see the result.

Special thanks to Lynnie who whipped out her iPhone to capture the paddlers when they made a U-turn to enjoy the music. They usually are working relentlessly when they come by, but they took a minute for some nahenahe ki ho`alu this time.

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