A Slack Key Canoe Ride – Holo Wa`apa

Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

We’re back in Kailua, O`ahu, enjoying views of the Ko`olau, the gorgeous skies of the windward side, and the beaches, lakes, and streams all around us. And on those lakes, streams, and beaches we see paddlers – stand up boarders and kayakers and outrigger canoe racers pushing themselves and their conveyance along.

Lena Machado wrote a song about paddling, Holo Wa`apa, which tells us to row forward then back, and feel the gentle swaying of the waves. She was clearly quite a fan of boats (grin). The chords are a classic swing progression, rolling around the circle of fifths on its way to a traditional Hawaiian vamp. I’m not sure how the song popped into my head, but once I tracked it down I knew I needed to catch some canoe video with some slack key guitar.

By now I’ve collected a bunch of clips, some right off our lanai looking across Enchanted Lake, and some on Ka `Elepulu Stream near its mouth. I finally gathered enough usable paddling footage and a reasonable performance and assembled them into a video, but I wound up focusing on the Kailua Canoe Club practices on the stream.

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