Sunday, January 1st, 2012

Holiday Video – “Let It Snow” (ovah deah)

The first video on the new Kaleponi is a New Year wish to you all. I hope you get to spend plenty of time enjoying Hawai`i, Hawaiian music, and slack key guitar in 2012.

We’ve begun a family tradition of a holiday video, and the last couple of years we’ve managed to get to Kailua during December and January, so our greeting has had plenty of island flavor. This year when I started fooling around with my slack key tunings I found a few different traditional Christmas songs that worked well. I wound up with drop C tuning and “Let It Snow” as my project.

These little projects tend to take on a life of their own, with inspiration coming from all directions. This year I found myself watching blizzards and frozen scenes on YouTube while thinking of how lucky we are to be in the tropics, so I sent messages to a few of the YouTubers with those chilly videos and asked to borrow some snowy scenes. These wound up in my video as a contrast to shots of the beach, the palms, the Ko`olau, and our time with friends.

All this contrast got me thinking about some new lyrics for “Let It Snow” but I’m still not willing to share my singing abilities with the world at large. Instead I added the lyrics as titles to the video, so you can sing along in your head.

So here’s our holiday greeting and best wishes for the New Year:


Saturday, December 31st, 2011

Another Round of Website Changes – Gateway to the Old Pages

I’ve been really lazy about updating lately, I’m embarrassed to say. Been having fun with video cameras and guitars, traveling around on various adventures, and failing to keep the site updated with the news and the clips.

My excuse has been that I’m determined to change to a WordPress blog engine but I’ve been too lazy to do the work. Now that I’m in beautiful Kailua for a few weeks I’m hanging out on the computer and building the new site. Lynnie thinks I’m weird and I have a hard time disagreeing. But regardless of the poor use of tropical time, I’m making some progress and the new structure will make updating easier.

This is likely to be a work in progress for a while as I figure out how to integrate the old website with the new one without breaking existing links. In the meantime, this post will serve as a gateway to the old pages.

You can find the whole site at

The former News pages start at

The videos from the old site are at



I have recorded a CD called Kaleponi, all solo acoustic slack key instrumentals, mostly traditional pieces, a few originals.


You an buy a copy of the CD or download the tracks at CD Baby.

If you prefer, you can download individual tracks or the whole album from iTunes as well.

The complete liner notes and back cover notes of Kaleponi are available here.